Having worked in income tax controversy clinics while she was in law school, this is an area in which Tanika has a bountiful amount of experience. She volunteered for two different clinics throughout her time in law school before graduating in 2014. There, she represented clients before the IRS and worked for community economic development revitalization clinic where she represented housing associations, neighborhood associations, individuals, and small businesses. She spent several years preparing taxes with the Volunteer Income Taxpayer Assistance Program.

Tax controversies can fall under two main categories — federal and state.

Federal Tax Controversy

If you’re facing an IRS examination or need representation, look no further. We can help you better understand your taxes issues and devise a plan for you, if necessary.

The office can defend against tax adjustments, penalty and interest assessments as well as navigate IRS negotiations. In instances such as these, strategy is key, as well as understanding the elements of an IRS investigation and their process.

State and Local Tax Controversy

State tax jurisdictions continue to increase enforcement and severity of tax laws, being prepared for an audit and the potential of a subsequent protest and settlement can help keep you informed and ready if something were to happen to you and if you might need legal advice.

The Law Office of Tanika L. Finney can help you handle your tax disputes.

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